WCM-02: Dorsi-Assist


Anatomical trim-lines with footplate to mets, bilam liner to toes and 75 durometer  dynamic tamaracks


UCBL trim-lines with footplate and blue marble EVA liner to mets, adjustable dymanic tamarack pictured

General Description:
  This fully custom-molded DAFO with posterior calf band for exceptional upright support, provides superior fit and control with the addition of several dynamic tamarack options.  
Option #1 ) The 90 tamarack joint is available for patients who experience overcompensation with standard hinges.
Option #2 ) The available 75 durometer and 85 durometer tamarack joints provide 15 of dorsi-flexion when assistance is required during swing phase, with natural plantar-flexion at heel strike.
Option #3 ) The comprehensive variable tamarack joint is superior when the physician's patient management requires variations of adjustments in dorsi-flexion.
Exceptional when Prescribed for these Pathologies:
  drop foot, peroneal nerve palsy, post CVA (stroke), mild muscular dystrophy, post spinal cord surgery, diabetic neuropathy  

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