WCM-03: Variable ROM


Anatomical trim-lines with footplate and blue marble EVA liner to toes

    The Becker Camber Axis Hinge provides seven sets of adjustable range of motion keys.    
General Description:
  This fully custom-molded XAFO utilizes a state-of-the-art adjustable stainless-steel joint with interchangeable stops to accommodate for the patient's progress in range of motion.  The Variable ROM eliminates the need for a plantar-stop and is a superior strength and isolation AFO for post-surgical conditions and physical rehabilitation.  Each of the seven sets of stops provide a unique range of motion.

Silver Stop: 0 Locked Dorsi/Plantar

Red Stop: 5 Locked Dorsi/Plantar

Blue Stop: 10 Locked Dorsi/Plantar

Purple Stop: 15 Locked Dorsi/Plantar

Green Stop: 0 - 30 Limited Dorsi/Plantar

Black Stop: 5 - 10 Limited Dorsi/Plantar

Yellow Stop: 7.5 - 10 Limited Dorsi/Plantar

Exceptional when Prescribed for these Pathologies:
  posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD), posterior tibial tendon rupture, post-fracture, tarsal coalition, peroneal nerve palsy, achilles tendonitis, sinus tarsi syndrome, drop foot  

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