WCM-04: DM/FX Immobilizing Walker

    Immobilizing Walker with profiled pretibial plate attached, with clamshell pretibial plate lying to the right.    

A custom-molded trilaminated removable orthotic footbed is provided standard.

General Description:
  This brace is a generously profiled custom Solid Ankle Below-knee Orthosis to the toes.  A full �" or more of padding is incorporated into the entire brace along with several custom made multi-density foot-bed alternatives.  Brace includes two upper leg straps along with an ankle and dorsal in-step strap for a secure fit.  Brace can also include a roller or rocker bottom sole, as requested for patient ambulation.  The Wcm-04: DM/FX Walker provides excellent treatment and immobilization for complicated conditions.  The brace design assures the ease of Doning & Doffing, minimizing patient compliance issues arising from edema and changing physiologies.  As an addition to this brace a clamshell and/or profiled pretibial plate is offered.  
Exceptional when Prescribed for these Pathologies:
  Charcot joint arthropathy, acute and chronic neuropathic foot episodes, diabetic wound management, isolation and immobilization for severe foot and ankle fractures and reconstruction, treatment of plantar ulcerations, post-surgical amputations, foot abnormalities, joint degeneration, et cetera    

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