WCM-05: Custom Rigid

  Sulcus length footplate with anatomical trim-lines, severe charcot foot accommodations and blue marble EVA     Metatarsal length footplate with anatomical trim-lines and gray EVA (upright pads removed)  
General Description:
    This custom-profiled Solid Ankle AFO with posterior calf-band for excellent upright support is essential for isolation and restriction of motion.  The expanded medial-lateral lines at the ankle prominences allow for accommodation and stabilization paramount in controlling all planes of motion.   Extended padding at ankle and poron accommodation included at the malioli prominences standard with each brace for improved fit, function and additional comfort.     
Exceptional when Prescribed for these Pathologies:
    posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD), post-fracture isolation and rehabilitation, Achilles tendon ruptures / tears / separations / post-surgical management, charcot foot    

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