WCM-07: Classic Rigid


Anatomical trim-lines with footplate to toes and brown marble EVA


UCBL trim-lines with met. length footplate, sulcus length blue marble EVA and dorsal strap

General Description:
  This Solid Ankle AFO combines the sleek classic features of the Wcm-06 with the rigid, solid-ankle features of the Wcm-05.  Poron padding at ankle malioli are provided standard unless otherwise requested.  Smooth and easy to Don & Doff while providing tri-planar ankle/foot motion control.  It is the Classic Rigid.  
Exceptional when Prescribed for these Pathologies:
  Medial / lateral ankle instability, post-operative support / protection, knee instability during stance, mild knee hyperextension control, tarsal coalition, metatarsus adductus, et cetera  

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